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Who we are

One Spirit Africa

One spirit Africa is an Afro-fusion band led by Fredrick Kpakpo Addo, a well knows master dancer, drummer, multi-instrumentalist and choreographer based in Victoria, Australia, with over 25 year’s experience in performance and has toured Sweden, Israel, New Zealand, USA and some African Countries. One Spirit Africa performs with high-energy, colorful costumes and offers good vibes at festivals, school workshops, corporate events, dance workshops and community events under the guidance of Multicultural Arts Victoria and Universal Peace Federation Ambassador Fredrick Kpakpo Addo, aiming to promote peace and unity through music.

One Spirit Africa was funded in 2013. The group creates amazing word and a friendly environment enabling the audience to experience the power and energy that African dance accomplish. Our programs have an extensive workshop and authentic African dance performances.

One Spirit Africa explores and expresses its theory through dance, which reflects its African culture, society and way of life. Its idea to create very amazing and unforgettable experience by using sources gained in traditional African culture and to communicate the diversity of dance vocabulary within the continent to its wide of audiences.

Our service offered is tailored to suit the requirements of our potentials clients. One Spirit Africa thrill any performance, events and celebrations invitation with utmost respect and appreciation.

One Spirit Africa


One Spirit Africa is to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through Authentic traditional Africa drumming and Dance.

Our Vision

One Spirit Africa will be a catalyst to ensure that every body across this continent has access and opportunity to participate in African drumming and dance is his/her scholastic environment.

Our Core Values

One Spirit Africa is committed to creating positively life-changing experiences for everyone within and connected to the organization.