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We offer kids and adults Dance and drumming Classes for all ages at schools and the community. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, we offer the challenge of developing in energetic African dance and drumming

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We offer drum and dance workshops where participants will be guided through learning drumming rhythms, songs dance moves, stories and they will experience a demonstration of how drumming and dance can contribute to our joy. Rhythms taught originate from the many West Africa ethnic groups especially Ghana, with a blend of ancient and traditional grooves that are part of everyday ceremony, and customs across Ghana.

Within our school programs, we provide traditional drums, shakers and bells for every student. We begin with short drum and dance demonstrations, before introducing our students to the different instruments. We then encourage active participation, teaching sounds and simple rhythms involving listening, copying, and counting.

Our drumming workshops are both an individual learning experience and a communal experience of collaboration to achieve a thrilling rhythmic soundscape that elevates the energy of the group and leaves the students with a lasting impression of an exciting and authentic cultural experience. We endeavor to give participants ample opportunities to explore and ask questions about Africa, catering to theory inquisitive natures and further enhancing their individual enjoyment of this unique cultural experience.

We guarantee energetic, entertaining, educational and authentic interactive cultural experiences via


  • School Sessions-single workshops,half-day (3x50min), full-day (6x50min), extended(4 weeks to full tern programs
  • Cultural performances at school fates and special events
  • Interactive performances and entertainment at community markets
  • End of year celebrations of the whole school communities
  • Professional development sessions for teachers
  • Corporate team building programs
  • Aged-care entertainment and workshops
  • Workshops for the people with disabilities
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Community Drumming

Adult Drumming Lessons

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One Spirit Africa offer powerful community drum and dance workshop for all ages.Contact us for all community workshops.
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School Drumming & Dance

Kids School drumming and dance workshop

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One Spirit Africa offer fully immersive and amazing African drum and dance for children.This class educate the children about African drum and dance, and inspire creativity and freedom of movement.
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Team Building Drumming

Team Building drumming classes

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One Spirit Africa teaches powerful team building drumming classes by encouraging individuals to pay attention to the rhythms.
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African Drum and dance

Get a taste of African dance style

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One Spirit Africa offer energetic traditional African drum and dance performance for any occasion. Contact us today for more fun in your community.
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All classes are taught by industry arts professionals

Fredrick Kpakpo Addo is well-known Ghanaian Master dancer, drummer, multi-instrumentalist and choreographer based in Victoria with over 25 years experience.

No matter what the experience level in African drum and dance, He will be able to make the class suit the student’s needs. He will give you what you need to achieve your desired outcome. He will push you to be the best you can be and help you reach your goals.

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